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Lets get this website going!

When I cast my eye at the 'visit' figures, and see a paltry 360 people only have visited my site (and most likely, 240 of those have been my own visits), I feel a little saddened.


So, lets boost this website by spreading the good word via Twitter. And verbally to your friends. Heck, I'll even send you business cards if you like, for you to leave on the bus... Let's just get it going!
Right now, I'm thinking that I'll push this out to my friends on Twitter when I finish. And then, I'd like for  them to push it to their followers. Even if only one person out of the vast quantities of 'tweeps' out there picks it up and fancies some proofreading done, well I'd have done my work!

I wonder if Christina DeRosa does RTs... 

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