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Dissertation time!

Pretty soon, you'll be finalising your dissertations (theses)..

What better way to give them a boost than by having them proofread? Not only will this HIGHLIGHT you to any errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure, but it will further enhance your essay, give you the best possible chance of grabbing those precious percentage points for English!

Call me on 07885 986121 before its too late, or e-mail me on!

I'll talk you through the process, remain available throughout the period of proofreading (and even after), and ensure you are left with a document to be proud of. You've spent enough time and effort writing your dissertation or thesis- why not enhance it, and hand in the best possible work you can?!

Call 07885 986121 or e-mail!


CarpenterAdmin proofread, check your English (spelling, punctuation, grammar, pluralisation and sentence structure), and return work to be proud of!
Call  07885 986121 or e-mail!

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