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Business getting good- at just the right time!

I am delighted with the way things are going currently... I have recently taken a few days holiday from my day job, and just as well- bookings have gone through the roof! If you're one of those who have recently sent me your enquiry, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance and hope you are more than satisfied with the service I have given you to date.


While I recommend a certain number of days for work to be completed, I am currently ahead of schedule with the work I'm currently working on, which means you'll most likely have your work back earlier- meaning you can make any last minute alterations before submission!


Oh, and please tell your friends about my service- recommend a friend to me, and if they make and pay for a proofreading booking, I will reward you with £5 transferred to your bank account, or a 10% discount off your next order- whichever you prefer!

Have a good week everyone,


Ross Carpenter

Dissertation time!

Pretty soon, you'll be finalising your dissertations (theses)..

What better way to give them a boost than by having them proofread? Not only will this HIGHLIGHT you to any errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure, but it will further enhance your essay, give you the best possible chance of grabbing those precious percentage points for English!

Call me on 07885 986121 before its too late, or e-mail me on!

I'll talk you through the process, remain available throughout the period of proofreading (and even after), and ensure you are left with a document to be proud of. You've spent enough time and effort writing your dissertation or thesis- why not enhance it, and hand in the best possible work you can?!

Call 07885 986121 or e-mail!


CarpenterAdmin proofread, check your English (spelling, punctuation, grammar, pluralisation and sentence structure), and return work to be proud of!
Call  07885 986121 or e-mail!

The Young Apprentice- Liars, Ires, and Firers


One of the things I hate most about 'The Young Apprentice', or indeed, the regular, adult version of 'The Apprentice', is when a contestant openly lies in the boardroom (or should that be The Boardroom?). 

Claiming an idea or action during the task as their own, when they know full well they simply ran with someone else's is an awful thing to do, but even more stupid. Do these idiots not realise that they are being filmed constantly throughout the task?

A couple of notable examples:

Last night, Zara Brownless, the 16-year-old stuck up lass, with the almost-permanent smug look on her face, claimed that she had the bright idea of checking out a book store to find a dictionary and establish what a 'dashiki' was. Well, one, it was a  library, not a bookstore, and two, you never had the idea- it was Harry M(axwell) who suggested phoning a library. OK, you may have asked the lady to check the dictionary for you, but I cannot confidently say that someone else didn't suggest that also...
For once, however, Nick Hewer had already informed Lord Sugar of who's idea it actually was, and this time, the smug look was  almost wiped off her face.

And, perhaps, even more blatantly:

On week one, when Mahamed Awale was fired, he outrageously claimed that HE had had the idea of theming the ice cream stall along a pirate theme, yet this was absolutely untrue. The (actually, rather crap) idea belonged to the messy-haired James McCullagh, the person who seems intent on showing everyone how shit they are by effectively whispering seeds of doubt in their ears.

Lets be honest about things, however, no one can quite understand what pressure they might be under when going into The Boardroom, especially at such a tender age, and it is not inconceivable that some of the more brash, bold figures may tell the odd white lie if they think it will deflect the sharp tongue of Lord Sugar on to some other, more helpless lamb.

But it doesn't stop it from iring me... And it won't stop Lord Sugar from firing them

Lets get this website going!

When I cast my eye at the 'visit' figures, and see a paltry 360 people only have visited my site (and most likely, 240 of those have been my own visits), I feel a little saddened.


So, lets boost this website by spreading the good word via Twitter. And verbally to your friends. Heck, I'll even send you business cards if you like, for you to leave on the bus... Let's just get it going!
Right now, I'm thinking that I'll push this out to my friends on Twitter when I finish. And then, I'd like for  them to push it to their followers. Even if only one person out of the vast quantities of 'tweeps' out there picks it up and fancies some proofreading done, well I'd have done my work!

I wonder if Christina DeRosa does RTs... 

New host of Countdown announced!

So, Nick Hewer, the wonderfully dry witted right-hand man to Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, has accepted the job of hosting Countdown, and I for one applaud this decision.

With Jeff Stelling having left the post, it required someone of a certain character- equally witty, and pleasing to the ear. Following in the footsteps of Richard Whiteley, Des Lynam, Des O'Connor and Jeff, I am confident Nick will take to the role like a duck to water.

A knack of prudent observation, a tongue as sharp as the overcoats he dons, and an uncanny ability to say just what everyone was thinking, he will be every bit Mr. Countdown.

Will this role affect his ability to appear on The Apprentice? One sincerely hopes not. But, one question I do have. If he is going to be working on Countdown AND The Apprentice, when does he get time to WORK?

Not sure if Sugar will like that! Anyway, Nick Hewer, You're Hired!

Welcome to my brand new blog!

So with my new business cards now printed, things are going from strength to strength. Except work has dried up a bit. I appreciate that at this time of year, few people are writing dissertations, and the focus will most likely switch to smaller essays. But the number of these should be considerably more to compensate.

With that in mind, I've taken out an advert in What's On magazine, in their festive issue for students, available to purchase both at WH Smith, and on Amazon!

Well I look forward to hearing from anyone about anything at all, in the next few weeks.

Best wishes,

Ross :)

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